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The sacrifices of our valiant warfighters over the past decade deserve to be repaid with the best efforts of those who support them. Our team members’ collective experience spans several decades in uniform, as well as in support of those wearing them.

Our extensive work with the DoD has given us a specialized knowledge base not often found in other software development teams; as one of our PMs is fond of saying, “even our developers speak fluent First Sergeant.”

Our services in support of the Department of Defense have included

  • counterinsurgency modeling tools
  • simulations for training strategic leaders
  • integration of current doctrine into training models for non-military partners working with the DoD

Our team members have also worked on a variety of DoD projects, including

  • geospatial analysis tools, with ad-hoc database ingest procedures and on-the-fly form generation
  • services-oriented unit management tools to fuse authoritative data with local unit analysis
  • custom SharePoint webpart development with custom webapp integration
  • battlefield events management and analysis tools

Past projects by our team members have been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, and the Horn of Africa in support of ISAF, XVIII Airborne Corps, the US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command, and the Human Terrain System.

We have experience in analyzing requirements from uniquely military perspectives - many of our team have been military end-users themselves - and understanding the unique needs military software and training development, including the accreditation processes needed for final delivery and deployment.

We are currently available on the following contract vehicles –

  • SEAPORT-E – As a Partner to Booz Allen Hamilton – Click here for more information.
  • Strategic Services Sourcing (S-3) – As a partner to Lockheed Martin
  • We are completing our submission for the GSA Schedule 70 MAS
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