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An accountant asks, “What happens if we invest in our people, and they leave?”

A leader asks, “What happens if we don’t invest in our people, and they stay?”

Our leadership and organizational training helps clients build better leaders, and improve the overall function of their teams. Building on over 60 years of combined leadership experience in military, industry, government, and academic environments, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop solutions scaled to fit your training needs.

  • Leader development focuses on improving and enhancing the necessary skills to lead and inspire teams to peak performance.
  • Team-building exercises focus on rapid decision-making and developing of mutual trust among team members.

Our trainers have worked with national retail and service chains, active duty and reserve military, corporate IT, and public health officials, as well as the National Defense University.

All our instructional programs include significant components of experiential learning - our scenarios encourage you to employ what you’ve learned, and are followed by a rigorous after-action review process in which performance is scrutinized not as a means of criticism, but by noting areas of excellence for reinforcement of success, as well as tailoring follow-on development to boost other critical skills.

Drawing on experience developing training programs, workforce development, and strategic leader training for audiences as diverse as front-line soldiers, retail workers, technology service staffers, public health officials, and the National Defense University, our training experts can leverage a truly broad base of knowledge to bring innovative solutions to your team.

Course Description Duration
So Now You're In Charge Designed for the first-time leader or manager who is newly-promoted into a supervisory position, this course uses a variety of case studies and discussion to "stock the toolbox" and set a solid foundation for future success. 2 days, 6-hours each, on-site
So Now You're In Charge Our same leader development course, spread out across 6 weeks over lunch meetings. 6 days (1/week), 2-hours each, on- or off-site
Team Dynamics Workshop An innovative and in-depth examination of how teams self-organize and optimize their performance. Immersive game-based exercises force players to examine their team contributions and adjust on-the-fly to optimize their overall performance. 1 day, 4-hours, on-site
Team Dynamics & Leader Development Similar to the Team Dynamics Workshop, this course includes additional coaching for team leaders, who take turns in charge throughout the day. 2 days, 6-hours each, on- or off-site
Forging The Team Our most intensive and interesting program! Building on processes refined by the US Army and taught at the Command & General Staff College, participants learn the intricacies of different roles within a team, coordination across specialties, planning and adjusting on-the-fly, and intra-team reliance, while participating in a fast-moving and- ever-changing role-based exercise.
Coaches include former military members, as well as team leaders from corporate, retail, and academic sectors to provide a well-rounded and unforgettable learning experience.
1-, 2- or 4-day sessions, 8 hours/day, on- or off-site
Charting the Course Planning and comparing potential future courses of action can give a small business remarkable insight into the decisions they'll face over the next few years, and prepare their plans. 1 session, 2 hours

We also offer a variety of customized technical training, including courses for SharePoint users, SharePoint Administrators, C# development, call center operations, Business Analysis, and SQL Administration.

For scheduling, costs, and timelines, please contact us about details.

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